Our organization leverages the current industry best practices to provide a training program which lets you work in a self-paced way, combining online learning and in-person instruction.

Each candidate can choose which "Cloud Boot Camp Program" fits their own needs and expertise.

Select which Cloud Boot Camp fits you:

Cloud Boot Camp #1

I am a cloud computing novice: 

              You will do the complete curriculum


Cloud Boot Camp #2

I am a cloud computing intermediate:

              I have experience with cloud computing in Azure, AWS, or Google

              I have coursework which includes Microsoft curriculum in Azure

              I have completed or am ready to complete the AZ-900


              You will do a truncated curriculum, geared towards finishing the AZ-900 and the AZ-103/AZ-104

Cloud Boot Camp #3

I am a cloud computing expert:

              I have experience in Microsoft Azure

              I have completed the AZ-900

              I have completed the AZ-103/AZ-104


              You will move into the internship

No Cloud Boot Camp Needed, and we will create a custom path for you.

I am an Azure expert:

              I have completed certifications higher than AZ-103/AZ-104


              We will work with you to identify any gaps, and move you into the appropriate internship level


Boot Camp 1




Boot Camp 2



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Boot Camp 3



  • Must have experience in Microsoft Azure

  • Completed the AZ-900

  • Completed the AZ-103/AZ104

  • Assistance in obtaining a paid internship

  • Professional Mentoring

Women Colleagues
Upon graduation you will
have achieved the following:
80 Hours of Virtual Training
56 Hours of Live Instructor Lead Training
Hands on Training working with our partner Henson Group
Exam AZ-900:
Microsoft Azure FUNDAMENTALS
Exam AZ-103/AZ-104: